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When you have a plumbing emergency, it’s important to know when you can repair it yourself and when you should call a professional. Plumbing emergencies never happen at convenient times, and professional emergency repair can be expensive. 

While some problems have easy fixes, some emergency plumbing situations require attention from a plumber. Putting off calling a plumber can end up causing more damage and costing you more money.

Iron Mountain Plumbing is the best emergency plumber in St. George when you need help from a professional. Here, we share nine plumbing issues that require a professional plumber.

1. Clogged Drain

All drains clog at some point. Kitchen and shower drains are notorious for developing clogs due to food waste, hair, and soap buildup.

Typically, you can remedy a simple clog yourself. When they start happening more often, there could be an underlying cause.  A professional plumber has the tools to locate clogs deep within your pipes and remove clogs before complete blockages form. 

You should never hear ongoing gurgling or hissing sounds coming from your drains. Noise coming from a drain, even rarely, indicates backup deep within the sewer line. A professional plumber has the tools to locate and remove the clog.

2. Bad Water Pressure

You know exactly how the water pressure coming from your shower head should feel.  If you turn on your shower and there is a trickle where there used to be a steady stream, that is a problem. Low water pressure indicates a leak, and it might not be easy to find. If left undetected, water leaks can cause extensive structural damage to your home. 

3. Frozen Pipes

In the winter months, a cold snap could cause your pipes to freeze and burst.  While it may not immediately signal danger to you, when a burst pipe thaws, it creates flooding. As soon as you notice you have frozen pipes, turn off the main water supply to reduce the risk of flooding.

4. Burst Pipes

Pipes don’t only burst when they freeze. A burst or broken pipe can happen at any time. Don’t just think of a burst pipe as occurring under a sink. 

Water pipes run throughout your floor and walls. When a pipe bursts within your home, the signs may show up as mold spots on the walls or sudden puddles on the floor. Water may drip down from the ceiling or seep up through the carpet. 

Burst pipes waste hundreds of gallons of water. Hidden water damage within your home can result in a compromised foundation and serious mold infestation.

5. Sudden Bill Increase

Take note of your regular water usage in relation to your monthly water bill. If you notice a sharp increase in your bill but have not increased your water consumption, that indicates a hidden water leak. 

While it may not seem like an emergency, a drastic increase in your water bill is enough to warrant a call to a plumber. It could indicate any number of problems, from a broken water main to a hidden leak.

You may not be able to locate the cause of your increased bill on your own, but a professional plumber will have the tools to locate the problem.

6. Malfunctioning Hot Water Heater

Lack of hot water is an obvious indicator that your hot water heater is not working. You may not realize that if your water is suddenly hotter than normal, that also means your water heater has a problem.

When a water heater malfunctions, it can raise the water to dangerous temperatures. A professional can assess your water heater and readjust it so that the water coming out maintains a safe. 

7. Clogged Toilet

Flushing anything other than toilet paper can lead to a clog. Even though wipes deemed as “flushable” have become popular, they can lead to emergency plumbing situations. The best thing you can do to prevent a clogged toilet is to avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper, regardless of what the packaging says.

8. Gas Leak

Did you know a gas leak is a plumbing emergency? Since many hot water heaters operate using gas heat, plumbers often work to repair gas leaks in pipes leading to the unit. 

 If you notice a “rotten egg” or sulfur-like smell in your home, turn off the gas immediately. Call 911 and a professional plumber who can check all gas appliances for signs of a leak. 

While you wait for a professional to arrive, open the windows to release any gas and protect your family. An unrepaired gas leak can result in carbon monoxide poisoning and should always have a professional perform thorough repair.

9. Broken Water Main

Because the location of the water main is sometimes deep under your home, you may not realize it’s broken. Indicators of a broken water main include soggy spots in the yard, low water pressure, and the dreaded high water bill.

A broken water main is a serious issue that could result in thousands of dollars of damage.

Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

The best way to avoid getting into an emergency plumbing situation in the first place is through preventative maintenance. Schedule an annual appointment with a professional plumber to assess your plumbing system and identify early signs of water leaks or clogs. 

During the assessment, a plumber will also examine your water heater for silt buildup, signs of too much pressure, or unsafe water temperatures. 

Many outdated pipes and plumbing systems are outdated and unable to keep up with the demands of modern water usage. Regular maintenance is the best way to help an outdated plumbing system handle contemporary water demands. 

Call a Professional Plumber: Iron Mountain Plumbing

Emergency plumbing situations are always best when handled professionally. Trying to execute a plumbing repair on your own can end up causing more damage than you started with. Iron Mountain Plumbing is the best plumbing company in St. George to handle any emergency repair. 

Don’t procrastinate when you discover a plumbing emergency within your home. Call our professional plumbers at 435-990-4418 and let us help.

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