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Jeanette Miller
Jeanette Miller 1.0

Expensive and dishonest. I was happy to get same day service for my broken water heater. The guy showed up to evaluate, didn’t even have any tools so I thought that was weird. He immediately acted like I had the weirdest water heater. He peeked inside ...the pilot window and told me some parts were fried. He went outside and called the office and when he came back he told me my water heater company went out of business and only does commercial now and they don’t even make parts for my water heater anymore. (It’s 9 years old- not ancient) So he said I had to get a new water heater and the cheapest baseline would be $3800!! I knew it should be cheaper even considering the labor involved. I told him I needed to think about it and he left. Come to find out on a quick google search that company is NOT out of business. His manager called me and I told him I was concerned because I was lied to. The manager said “yeah we just don’t have the parts we would have to get them in St George. So it’s easier just to replace the whole thing” Of course it’s easier for them to replace it for $3800 instead of a $100 (max) part that might take a day or two to get in. Easier and more profitable for them, not easier or the best option for me. I don’t even really blame the service guy, he seemed to only dare do what he was allowed to do from the guy he called back at the office. He did offer to get me price to fix it with parts after that, but I didn’t want to bother after being lied to. I feel like they didn’t even look to see what was actually wrong, I feel they were dishonest and I know I was lied to in order to get me to spend all that money. I wish I would have called a different company. I paid the $96 evaluation fee for him to look with a flashlight and will never use them again.Read More...

Mckay Hunter
Mckay Hunter 5.0

They had Carlin out in a couple of hours and he got the job done quick and was very professional, hassle free and upfront about everything.

Cami Cox
Cami Cox 5.0

Their customer service is great. They got a technician out really quickly, who was very nice and did a great job, and they followed up thoroughly after the job was done. Pricey (but I’m pretty sure all plumbers are 😂). If you need fast, professional ...service, they’ve been very high-caliber to work with.Read More...

Pete Robinson
Pete Robinson 5.0

Today August 30, 2022 Matthew from Iron Mountain plumbing fixed our clogged sink. He used a camera to find the issue and it turned out to be a plug left in the pipe by the builder. He extracted the plug after a great deal of work and our sinks drain ...again. We tried two other companies before using these folks and both those companies failed yet charged us big$$$ I give Matthew 10 stars- excellent service and extremely kind and helpful.Read More...

Judy 1.0

Called this company to replace an angle stop valve for our refrigerator water line. We contacted this company because it was listed as "the Best of Iron County." Plumber came out (unknown name) and told us to replace it would cost us between $600-$1000 ...just to put a $30 angle stop part in. Will never call this company again!!! To add salt to the wound, we had to pay $96.00 for this service call. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! We contacted another licensed and bonded company, who came out and fixed the angle stop for $75.00, to include patching the wall.Read More...

A Templin
A Templin 2.0

Pro: They are available very quickly and are very professional. They are wildly overpriced compared to other plumbing services. The service call is $96.00. They initially said it would cost ~800.00 to snake my clogged toilet, then after negotiating said would cost ~600.00. I could purchase and install a brand new toilet for that price.Read More...

john Bradshaw
john Bradshaw 1.0

Our washer drain was plugged up so we called iron mountain plumbing. The technician showed up, took two pictures then proceeded to give us a quote ranging from $745-$1,093. This is the only drain in the house that was clogged and just needed a snake run ...through to the main drain. Oh! And those two pictures he took cost $98 just for him to show up.Read More...

Rick Ellis
Rick Ellis 5.0

Could not get anyone to look at the reno projects I had. Iron Mountain came out, quickly bid the job, and had it done in a couple days (including cutting and patching foundation). Best job ever! Carlin was great, as was Dan the owner, who came out to Couldn't be happier with the speed of reno work and quality of work done. Would recommend everyday of the week. hope my contractor on other project needs a good plumber.Read More...

Wells Bunker
Wells Bunker 5.0

Had some leaks in our pipes that have been a major problem for awhile. Called iron mountain plumbing and they came out and took care of it the same day. Super good service

Scott Turney
Scott Turney 5.0

We had our water go out and they came out on a Saturday to fix it. Dan was awesome and so friendly.

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