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Gas lines provide the fuel that keeps many essential parts of your home running smoothly. Whether you use gas to heat your home, power your water heater, or cook your meals, it’s vital to keep your gas lines working properly. At Iron Mountain Plumbing, we provide quality gas line installation in St. George, UT and the surrounding areas.

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Gas Line Installation Services in St. George

Gas lines offer a clean and efficient source of fuel for your home, but if installed incorrectly, they’re extremely dangerous. Iron Mountain Plumbing knows the ins and outs of gas line installation in St. George, UT, so you can rest easy that the job is done correctly every time.

Some of the reasons you may install a new gas line include:

  • Switching from an electric oven or cooktop to gas appliances
  • Installation of a gas line to power clothes dryers, water heaters, and furnaces
  • Powering an outdoor kitchen area, including grills and cooktops
  • Warming an outdoor sitting area with gas heaters or fire pits
  • Adding to or extending existing gas lines

It’s important to note that any sort of work with a gas line should always be left to the professionals. Gas lines tend to be sensitive, and it’s easy to cause an accidental leak if you touch them without knowing exactly what you’re doing. Never tamper with or try to repair a gas line on your own. Call Iron Mountain Plumbing, where we pride ourselves on being St. George’s gas line installation services specialists. 

What You Need to Know About Gas Line Installation

Many people think plumbing only applies to the water pipes in your home. In actuality, gas line installation, repair, and maintenance also falls under the plumbing category. Gas line plumbers, also called gas fitters, work on anything related to gas lines. They undergo specific licensing and ongoing training requirements to work with gas.

It is risky and can quickly become an extremely dangerous situation if gas-related work is done incorrectly. Utah law requires all gas lines be installed by licensed contractors, so call Iron Mountain Plumbing when you’re ready to install a gas line.

Things to Consider When Thinking About a Gas Line Installation

Before scheduling a gas line installation, make sure you schedule the appropriate preparations.

Check Your Gas Pipes

Like any pipes, gas pipes succumb to deterioration and wear and tear over time. The first step before installing a gas line is to check the pipes for corrosion, rust, or flaking. Not only could the pipes fail, but the debris buildup may clog the pipe.

Both scenarios could result in a dangerous gas leak. Our professional technician from Iron Mountain Plumbing will inspect all of the gas pipes and makes repairs as needed before completing any gas line installation in St. George, UT.

Find the Right Company for the Job

When it comes to installing gas lines in your home, hiring the right professional contractor for the job cannot be overstated. At Iron Mountain Plumbing, we carefully and diligently perform every gas line install, repair, and maintenance service.

The safety of our customers is our topmost concern, so we want to ensure that you’re confident in the quality of every job we do for you. Our bonded and licensed plumbing experts have comprehensive experience and training when it comes to the delicate installation, repair, and maintenance of the gas system in your home.

Because of our extensive knowledge of gas systems we emphasize “safety first,”  meaning that if you suspect your home may have a gas leak, leave immediately. Once you’re safe, contact emergency services, then call Iron Mountain Plumbing.  

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As a locally owned and operated company, Iron Mountain Plumbing provides our customers with a full range of plumbing and water treatment services in St. George and the surrounding areas. Our licensed, skillful technicians undergo full background checks and drug testing to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone we serve. 

In addition to being St. George’s gas line installation services experts, we also provide gas line repair and maintenance. Our priority is keeping your home and everything in it functioning at an optimal level.

We’re your source for top quality gas line installation in St. George, UT. Whether you need a new gas line or assistance from an emergency plumber, Iron Mountain Plumbing provides dependable and affordable customer care. Call us today at (435) 422-4667 to schedule a consultation.