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The gas line in your home must work properly at all times to avoid dangerous situations. Whether you need gas line repairs or installation, a certified and licensed professional must do it to ensure safety. Gas is extremely hazardous to work with, and there are many ways things can go wrong if gas line installations or repairs don’t receive the utmost care and diligence.

Never attempt to install or repair your gas yourself. Leave gas line work for a licensed plumber who knows how to handle the situation. For the most thorough and attentive gas line repair and installation in St. George, UT, call Iron Mountain Plumbing today.

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Does My House Have a Gas Leak?

If you don’t know how to detect a gas leak, you may not know if you and your family are in danger. If you’re experiencing a gas leak in your home, it is a very dangerous and serious situation that you must address immediately. The easiest ways to tell if you have a gas leak are:

  • Your house has a sulfur odor or rotten egg smell
  • Your gas pipes are emitting a hissing noise
  • Your gas pipes are visibly damaged
  • Your tap water has become bubbly
  • Plant life near your gas pipes is dead or discolored

If any of these gas leak signs occur in or around your home, shut off all the appliances and lights and get far away from your home before using your cell phone. Once you’re at a safe distance, call your gas company and a professional plumbing contractor to fix the problem quickly. Iron Mountain Plumbing offers the quickest, safest gas line repair and installation in St. George, UT.

Physical Symptoms

Some gases in your home, like carbon monoxide, are colorless and odorless. Without a carbon monoxide detector, you may not be able to spot a gas leak until you experience physical symptoms. The most common symptoms of a gas leak are

  • Skin irritation
  • Nausea
  • Nosebleeds
  • Labored Breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

If you or a family member are experiencing these symptoms, leave the house immediately and get to a hospital emergency room. Call 911 and let the authorities know about the gas leak, so they can take the necessary steps to keep your family and neighbors safe.

Symptoms of A Gas Leak
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The Dangers of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can make a home’s occupants sick, and prolonged exposure can even be fatal. Additionally, natural gas is highly flammable. If your home fills with gas and a flame or spark ignites, the house will explode.

If you think you have a gas leak, DO NOT HESITATE to act. Get your family out of the house and call professionals who can help.

How Much Does Gas Line Repair Cost?

The average gas line repair cost ranges between $150 and $700, depending on the severity of the situation. Iron Mountain Plumbing will work with your budget and even set up a payment plan to restore your gas line safely.

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Gas Line Repair Near Me: Gas Line Installation Near Me

If you’re online searching for “gas line repair near me” or “gas line installation near me” and you live in Iron County, look for Iron Mountain Plumbing. Our staff never cuts corners when it comes to gas line work. Our highest priority is the safety of our commercial and residential customers. For the most dependable gas line repair and installation in St. George, UT, and the surrounding areas, call Iron Mountain Plumbing at 435-412-8312 today.