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Iron Mountain Plumbing offers top-rated slab leak repair in Ivins, UT. Slab leaks lead to serious plumbing issues that property owners need to address quickly. Even a small slab leak can quickly develop into a massive problem with a home’s concrete foundation.

Don’t worry; our knowledgeable staff can identify, diagnose, and repair slab issues that may put your building’s foundation at risk. 

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Slab Leak Repair in Utah

Dependable Slab Leak Repair in Utah

What is a slab leak? It is a breach of the large slab of concrete that anchors an entire home’s structure. The foundation has several pipes that run through it, providing water to your home and siphoning away waste.

If one of the slab’s pipes bursts, water leaks in and around it. Slab leak detection is often challenging because the source typically lies underground. However, it is crucial to find and fix any leaks before they cause serious property damage.

Slab leaks typically cause high water pressure, putting stress on your home’s concrete foundation. It could also fracture your foundation and cause the entire structure to shift underneath the house. To avoid long-term damage, call professionals like us for quick slab leak repair. 

Professional plumbers like us employ several techniques to identify and fix slab leaks, including the following:

Trenchless repair

Creates small access holes in your concrete foundation to reach pipes and fix leaks. We might use epoxy to patch water leaks and seal any broken pipes. The trenchless repair method requires minor demolition but provides cost-effective slab leak repair in Ivins, UT.

Rerouting piping

Applies where multiple pipes sustain damage. Contractors may install new piping to circumvent any damaged areas and restore functionality. Re-piping projects also require slight demolition, and residents may need to stay elsewhere for a short time.

Tunneling repair

is the least intrusive option for slab leak repair but requires the most time and money. Contractors will dig tunnels instead of breaking into the slab, which is why it is an ideal slab leak method to avoid pulling up flooring.

Be sure to chat with our plumbing contractors to discuss the best method of repair for your location.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Slab leak detection can be tricky because many of the pipes are not easily visible above ground. Below are five common signs that you have a slab leak.

The first major sign of a slab leak is a sudden increase in the property’s water bills. The pipes under your home carry large quantities of water, so a leak can drastically increase water usage. If you have high water bills and have checked other potential causes, the problem could be a slab leak. 

Pipes in the foundation are also the points where water enters your home from the municipal supply or well. If you have a slab leak, your pumps can have trouble feeding water to your house. Low-pressure in faucets, showers, tubs, and sinks is a common sign that you have a leak somewhere under your slab. 

Slab leaks can build up and enter your flooring and subflooring, which is why another common sign of a slab leak is warped or buckling flooring, especially in your basement. After repairing the slab leak, you’ll need to replace the warped flooring and any damaged subflooring.

Mold and mildew are two other common signs of slab leaks. Mold and mildew thrive in areas with high moisture. Slab leaks increase moisture levels throughout the ground levels of your home. The most common areas for mold to grow are in the basement on walls, floors, and ceilings. 

One last obvious sign of slab leaks is standing water in the basement. Slab leaks can penetrate your walls and flooring, causing leaks to accumulate in pockets in your basement. Common areas for standing water pools are in corners or near furniture/appliances on the floor.

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What does slab leak repair cost? Typical slab leak repair costs vary, but a full replacement will cost far more in time, money, and inconvenience than timely minor repairs. It is in the property owner’s best interests to repair the slab quickly to prevent future water damage.  At Iron Mountain Plumbing, our final quotation will take into consideration the following:

the extent of the leak

the age of the building

ground conditions

slab access

We provide high-quality plumbing services for an affordable price. As a family-owned and local operation, our team offers a level of service you can only expect from a small business. Let us show you how our outstanding commitment, skills, and integrity set us apart from our competitors. Call (435) 422-4513 today or contact us online to schedule reliable slab leak repair in Ivins, UT!