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The backflow preventer for your irrigation water supply helps maintain public safety. When it requires maintenance or an annual inspection, rely on trustworthy sprinkler experts for diagnosis and repairs.

Iron Mountain Plumbing technicians work quickly and efficiently after answering your service questions, ensuring your comfort. We also offer various financing opportunities, so you do not have to break the bank to meet your needs. Call us at (435) 412-8392 for upfront pricing and a free consultation on your backflow service in Enoch, UT.

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Why You Need a Backflow Preventer for Your Sprinkler System

The term “backflow” refers to the inappropriate flow of water in irrigation systems. Backflow usually happens due to pressure changes in the water line, such as gravity or vacuum pressure.

Backflow can cause cross connections and water contamination. Pesticides or unsafe gasses can also pollute previously clean water during a backflow. The pollutants can then reach the water supply distribution line for the city without quick interference.

Expert plumbers have the training necessary to identify issues while working, but the everyday home and business owner does not. State and federal laws ensure they do not accidentally contribute to citywide water pollution. 

Because of their rulings, plumbers must install a backflow preventer on their irrigation systems. This tool ensures unsafe water stays away from your property and the main water supply by diverting it elsewhere. These tools require yearly inspections by authorized testers like us.

What Kind of Sprinkler System Backflow Preventer Should I Get?

Your backflow device depends on your irrigation needs, usage periods, and more. Due to the various options for sprinkler backflow preventers in Enoch, UT, consult a plumbing specialist to determine which is best for your property. 

Our technicians always explain our plumbing decisions to prevent confusion. This may include consultations about backflow tools with proximity requirements to control valves or waterline pressure settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have asked the following questions regarding backflow devices.

Yes, we offer repair and installation services for many sprinkler backflow preventers in Enoch, UT, and surrounding areas. Our general prices are available online, and we provide free quotes for all services.

Backflow devices wear down over time due to chemical and debris exposure. It does its job, preventing the pollutants from reaching your property and vice versa. Common signs your backflow device needs repairs include:

  • Bad water odors
  • Rust or sediment in your water
  • Stilted water flow
  • Distasteful water
  • Discolored water

Several backflow devices have helped prevent water supply catastrophes, though some have different qualities than others. A few are also no longer approved by law. Approved devices include:

  • Reduced Pressure Assemblies
  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers
  • Valve Dumps
  • Non-Pressure Vacuum Breakers

Meanwhile, all check valves and double-check assemblies require replacement with one of the currently approved types.

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Contact Us for Your Sprinkler Backflow Valve Installation and Repair

Do not hesitate to take care of your water quality and property needs. Iron Mountain Plumbing technicians provide top-quality repairs, replacements, and installations for any sprinkler backflow preventer in Enoch, UT, and surrounding areas. We also offer financing options to keep you from waiting on your necessities. If you have an outdated device or notice signs you need a replacement or repair, call us at (435) 412-8392. You can also visit our contact page for more information.