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Water leaks happen at any time, and while a small leak seems easy to fix, it’s important to make sure that you’ve gotten to the root of the problem. Left alone or fixed incorrectly, a seemingly harmless leak soon turns into a more serious and costly problem. You may be tempted to perform your own repairs, but let the professionals handle water leaks.

At Iron Mountain Plumbing, we’re Cedar City’s emergency plumber. We’re proud to be your choice for water leak detection in St. George, UT. If you find a water leak of any size, or suspect that you have a water leak, contact our expert plumbers at Iron Mountain Plumbing. 

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Signs of a Water Leak

Besides the inconvenience of a leaky pipe, all leaks have the potential to damage your home. Even a small leak causes damage, from promoting the growth of mold and bacteria to weakening the integrity of your walls and home structure. Some signs of a water leak include: 

  • Increased water bills. Even a minor leak often causes a dramatic increase in your water bill, so an unexplained jump in utility costs may signal a leaky pipe. 
  • Decreased water pressure. Severe water leaks may affect the water pressure level throughout your home. 
  • Damage to floors, walls, or ceilings. Warping, bubbling, and staining mean that a leaky water pipe is damaging the integrity and aesthetics of your home.    
  • Musty odors. If you notice musty or moldy smells in certain places in your home, you may have a water leak. It’s vital to address the issue, as mold and mildew can lead to health issues for your family.  

At Iron Mountain Plumbing, we provide services from A to Z. Whether you need regular maintenance or an emergency plumber, let us take care of you quickly and affordably. Our professional plumbers get your plumbing back in optimal working order in no time.

Causes of a Water Leak

Aging Pipes

Just like with every aspect of your home, the older your pipes, the more prone to leaks they may be. 

Frozen Pipes

If an unexpected cold snap in St. George causes your pipes to freeze, a leak may occur when the expansion of water in the frozen pipes weakens their integrity.


Whether from rust or hard water, your pipes may weaken and erode from the minerals in hard water and the oxidizing effects of rust, causing a water leak.   

Tree Roots

Large trees growing near your home may be the source of a water leak. Tree root systems looking for a water supply grow into whatever space they can—no matter if a pipe blocks the way or not. Aggressive tree roots cause pressure in the pipes and eventually may break them.  

To keep your pipes healthy and help avoid potentially costly repairs, we recommend regular inspections from our team at Iron Mountain Plumbing. 

Leak Detection Process

Depending on the size and location of the leak, water leaks often cause extensive and costly damage in your home. The plumbing system in your home contains a maze of pipes, so in many cases, it’s not easy to pinpoint the source of a water leak. Before you start tearing up flooring or making holes in the drywall, call in the professionals from Iron Mountain Plumbing. 

Our experienced plumbers use the latest water leak sensors and water monitoring technology to electronically determine the location of the water leak. This non-invasive method is not only more accurate than a trial and error approach, but also keeps our customers from unnecessary cosmetic repairs and cleanup, saving time and money.

Whether the leak is in the walls or underground, our technicians work to ensure that we find and fix the problem in the most efficient and least disruptive manner. For the best in water leak detection in St. George, UT, trust the experts at Iron Mountain Plumbing. 

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Don’t let pesky drips or pooling water ruin your day or your home. Call Iron Mountain Plumbing today and let us send out one of our licensed and certified plumbing professionals. Our commitment to quality customer service means that we perform everything from water leak detection to pipe leak repair to routine maintenance, all at a fair, affordable price. 

To protect your home and your belongings from destructive water damage and the problems that go with it, depend on our training and experience in water leak detection in St. George, UT. Call us at Iron Mountain Plumbing today at (435) 422-4667 to schedule a visit.