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Hard water can damage everything from your plumbing to your skin, leaving homeowners and businesses with costly problems to fix. 

Water softener installation can raise your water quality to new heights, improving your daily water use. 

Iron Mountain Plumbing has helped many happy customers with water softeners in Enoch, UT, so trust our experts to eliminate your hard water issues.

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Iron Mountain Plumbing - Water Softener Installation

What Is Hard Water?

When city water comes into your home or business, it brings minerals with it. The two most common minerals known to cause hard water—calcium and magnesium—can create numerous problems, including:

  • Water spots or film on silverware, dishes, and glassware
  • Limescale buildup in pipes, fixtures, and appliances
  • Dingy or rough towels and clothing
  • Brittle, coarse hair, fingernails, and skin
  • Discolored or grainy drinking, bathing, and cleaning water

Homeowners and businesses battle against hard water’s effects with chemical cleaners and time-consuming cleaning methods, using up their finances and energy. You may also discover that your pipes need repairs, fixtures need replacements, and appliances need extra maintenance to keep up with hard water. When Iron Mountain Plumbing installs water-softening equipment, you’ll feel the difference in your water and your wallet.

What Is a Water Softener?

A water softener system removes minerals from hard water and produces gentler, cleaner water. When installed, the system filters out calcium and magnesium before passing soft water into your pipes. Most water softener installations place the filter where your main line passes into your house, saving your water heater and pipes from hard water hazards.

Iron Mountain Plumbing - Water Softener Installation
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How Does a Water Softener Work?

The water-softening process works similarly to magnets. Water softeners send hard water through a filter containing negatively charged resin beads. Calcium and magnesium have a positive charge, attracting them from the running water and into the filter.

Water-softening equipment cleans itself by pushing the filtered minerals into brine tanks, where water and salt work together to push the calcium and magnesium out of your softener’s drain.

Benefits of a Water-softening System in Enoch

Water softeners in Enoch, UT, offer many benefits to homeowners and businesses, making them a worthwhile investment. Some of the best reasons to install a water softener include the following:

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Water Softener Installation in Enoch, UT

Iron Mountain Plumbing provides you with experienced, professional water softener installation. Our plumbers can guide you in determining which water softener works best for your home, then installs it with expert care. We take steps to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your water softener before we leave, including:

  • Testing water before and after installation
  • Performing a visual and hands-on softener inspection
  • Ensuring the settings on the softener work for your needs

Water Softener Repair in Enoch, UT

Has your water softener malfunctioned? Iron Mountain Plumbing offers experienced water softener repair and replacement services. The most common signs you need water softener repair include the following:


Water spots appearing on shower doors, dishes, glassware, or water fixtures


 Tasting, smelling, or feeling a loss in good water quality


A noticeable change in water pressure or the amount of water coming through

If we can’t repair your water-softening equipment, we can help you assess potential replacements or upgrades. Some homeowners and businesses find that a new system can better handle their amount of water usage, especially if the softener can take a larger water capacity.

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Call Iron Mountain Plumbing for Water Softener Installation, Repair, or Replacement in Enoch, UT

Whether you want to install a water softener system or need your current one repaired, replaced, or upgraded, Iron Mountain Plumbing can help. Our experienced plumbers know how to troubleshoot hard water problems and help you determine the best course of action to have clean, comfortable water. Call Iron Mountain Plumbing at (435) 412-8251 for more information on water softeners in Enoch, UT.