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You use the water in your home for everything from washing your hands to laundering your clothes. Whether it comes from the city’s main line or an on-site well, your water may contain minerals, chemicals, or other contaminants that result in poor water quality. Iron Mountain Plumbing has provided hundreds of homes with clean water by installing water filtration systems in Cedar City, UT.

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Iron Mountain Plumbing - Water Filtration System

What Is a Water Filtration System?

Home water filtration systems remove contaminants like sediment, bacteria, minerals, and other pollutants to provide clean water. After installation, you’ll notice a difference in how your water feels, performs, and tastes. For the best results, choose a whole-home water filtration system that cleans the water before it reaches the pipes and taps in your home.

How To Choose the Right Home Water Filtration System

Because various water filtration systems exist, the professionals at Iron Mountain Plumbing will help you determine which type best fits your home and lifestyle. Some questions to ask before settling on a particular water filtration system include the following:

  • What kinds of contaminants are in my water?
  • How compatible is the water system with my home’s plumbing?
  • What filtration rate works best for how I use my water?
  • How much maintenance does this water filtration system require?

To determine which system will help you best, the experts at Iron Mountain Plumbing will test your water to discover which contaminants you need to filter out most. We’ll also ask questions about your water usage and check whether we’ll need extra materials to connect your water’s plumbing to the filtration system.

The most common types of water filtration systems work with tried-and-true natural water filters, including the following:

Iron Mountain Plumbing - Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis

This water purification method removes 99 percent of water contaminants by forcing water through a semipermeable filter, catching everything from chlorine to minerals. 

UV Filtration

Ultraviolet light shines on the water, damaging and destroying microorganisms as it passes through. If you have problems with sediment, you may want to use this system in addition to another filtration method.

Activated Carbon

Water filters through tiny grains of carbon before making it to your pipes. The granules absorb contaminants and keep sediment from passing through.

What Benefits Does a Water Filtration System Offer?

Installing a whole-home water filtration system provides healthier water for cleaning and drinking. Check out some of the many benefits water filtration systems in Cedar City, UT, offer.

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